Hi guys, I’m Oracle007
I want an external DVD burner that supports Labelflash. I have lookd through new egg,super media Tech 4 you etc. I have Googled to no avail.
I have found newer laptops with labelflash but don’t want to spend $500.00. I have a Gateway 552GE and have backed up my vhs collection and my DVD collection, but I would really like to use labelflash to burn some labels. Am I looking for something that is not available?

Labelflash dvd drives are generally not found in the US (unless you do a crossflash and make an existing drive into one). The corresponding technology that [B]is[/B] here is called Lightscribe. You can buy both Lightscribe drives and the necessary Lightscribe blank dvds in the US.

Kerry, I have continued looking and have considered Lightscribe. I just found out that the new Lightscribe doesn’t need special media. They say that you can use any media since they have developed Super Allwrite. Is lightscribe able to do do labels in color? I think I will go with Libhtscribe since it’s here.
thanks Oracle007

I think you are confusing the Super AllWrite Lite-on drives with the ability to write labels on any disk. In marketing speak, the AllWrite drives simply have the ability to write data to any type of media, -R, +R, -RW, +RW, -RDL, +RDL and DVDRam. Virtually all new drives can do this by the way.

You still need special Lightscribe disks to write a label on the top of the disk.

Lightscribe does monochromatic labels. It is slow, and will put extra wear and tear on your drive. I don’t really recommend it.

If you want to make nice labels, I’d advise getting an inkjet or thermal printer, depending on your needs. Inkjet printers can produce some outstanding labels in color. You’d need inkjet compatible media as well though.

Thanks for the clarifacation.