LabelFlash woes

G’day all,

Is anyone having problems with the LabelFlash feature of Pioneer DVR-111(D)@DVR-111L with firmware 8.19? I always get failed label burns in Nero Premium I’m using a VANTEC Nextar2 USB2.0/Firewire case but I have also tried installing the drive in one of my computers but to no effect.


At what point do they fail?

…Half way through burning a DiscT@2 disc.


I had no idea such a firmware was finally released for the 111. Where did you get it? I never saw a thread here or at rpc-1.

Ok just found out from speedlabs that TDB have a 111L firmware patched and ready to go but I am wondering specifics. I currently have the XL firmware on my drive working well. I really don’t care much about Labelflash but its a free bonus to try out eventually from the new firmware then I will flash it as long as I don’t lose anything that my current firmware offers.


Does the L firmware still contain

1.) RPC-1
2.) Unlimited Rip speed for retail pressed CSS encrypted discs
3.) DVD-RAM writing

Does it also add Bitsetting? If it contains EVERYTHING the XL firmware has PLUS labelflash AND Bitsetting then this firmware is a monster and should be on everyones drive. Hope someone can fill me in with full answers. Thanks.

BTW, anyone have the EXT firmware on their drive without issues? I heard you need this to enable T@2?


Assuming the source of the file you are getting is from TDB’s, issues 1 and 3 are covered. For issue 2, you’ll have to run the firmware through ala42’s latest MSCE tool to defeat the rip lock. Lastly, yes, it does include bitsetting, as it’s from Buffalo. Can’t say I’ve tried LF, since there’s no media around, but I flashed the external firmware without any problems.

You don’t need LF media for DiscT@2. :slight_smile:


You are correct, I just had LF on my mind. :wink:

the labelflash function works fine, some very impressive results,

@cantankerous its not like you to be behind on things, :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe thanks for the answers guys,

you are right, it isn’t like me to be behind on things. I knew this firmware was in existance but for the longest time it was being ‘beta tested’ by the folks at Whenever I checked there nothing new was mentioned except ‘coming soon’. I usually only frequent here and and never saw a thread dedicated to the released of the 111L firmware so never thought to go hunting it down personally until I saw this thread started where someone actually had the firmware installed.

I thank you guys for the answers you provided. I am glad it adds bitsetting yet at the same time not losing any of the other features I currently have with my XL firmware. I’m surprised TDB didn’t just remove rip lock while doing everything else but no big deal, I guess I could remove it myself which is infact what I am going to do now. Thanks again!.


you have flashed the int or ext version??


Could you please enlighten me … what is the dif. between int and ext fw version …?

What’s the best nero version for labelflash?

I’m using, but the burning of labelflash cannot start, straight to “burn failed”. I was trying to burn letters on an unclosed disc on data side.

How much space is left on the media(side)?

About 1.3GB

As what media(type) is the media recognized in the DiscT@2 window?


But normally a preview is available, huh??
Still something should be entered to be labelled.

i think i asked this before, but never got a clear answer

how can i get labelflash support in nero 7 ultra.

i have retail nero7 ultra, i know that i need premium. but its the same damn software, just the cd-key is different