LabelFlash question

Can anyone tell me if LabelFlash is similar to Lightscribe or just a newer version of Yamaha’s Disc T@too? I mean, do you have to buy special media to write on the top of the disc or does it draw on the bottom like Yamaha CRW-F1 did? Because I can’t find any LF media anywhere.

Thank you.

it does both, on special media on top, and can write on bottom too.

Labelflash is a competing technology to LightScribe.

With special Labelflash DVD media, you can burn a label on the top side of a DVD just like you can with LightScribe drive and LightScribe DVDs. The two types of media are not interchangeable, however - you can’t label a LightScribe disc in a Labelflash drive or vice versa.

A Labelflash drive can also make a label on the unused space of DVD+R and DVD-R media, like DiscT@2 in the Yamaha F1 CD-RW drive, but unlike the Yamaha drive the Labelflash drives cannot burn a label on CD-R media.

There is AFAIK only one type of Labelflash media on the market: Fujifilm 16x DVD-R Labelflash media.