Labelflash Or Lightscribe?

Just after some opinion on whether to go with a labelflash or lightscribe drive. Like the look of the nec 4551 because i’ve been happy with my nec 3540, but i’ve just seen this test below and lightscribe came out on top in this users opinion due to the different finish on each disc.

Do nec make a lightscribe drive?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Labelflash drive = NEC

Lightscribe drive = Benq, Philips, HP, etc. (but not NEC)

Nice review Scorpiosoft but I would like to know how long the burning of the Labelflash disc vs. the Lightscribe disc. Even though Labelflash media nor the Nec drives that have it are available in th USA yet, it would be nice to have this information.

If you burn both (Labelflash/Lightscribe) in the Highest quality, they need the same time to finish. Labelflash also has several quality options to burn the pictures as has Lightscribe. So (almost) no difference in time between the both.


I see from your signature that you have a benq 1655. Are you happy with this drive and especially the lightscribe results?

For what I have read technical paper on both technology so far I perfer LabelFlash over the LighScribe both for speed of writing and clarity of written dsic.

Some reports indicated that LS “recordings” could offer some risk of fading over time.
This was shown as an advantage by the promoters of LF.
As it was the possibility to choose dif colours, but it seems LS is filling the gap.
Disc to use LF are more expensive so far, and only from Fuji.

I used Yamaha’s Disc T@2 for CDs, so picked LF as it is the same techology.

LS media is cheaper :slight_smile:

LightScribe media is cheaper because Labeflash media is not widely available yet, just wait a little time F/L disk will enter the market with reasonable price.

Reasonable but still not cheaper :slight_smile:

Interesting, I wonder where the original article referred to was, this is just getting SILLY! - another article

Of course, it would be better to compare Labelflash, Lightscribe and Inkjet printable - I know which I’d choose.

It also seems astonshing that they would create another -R versus +R situation, the world barely needed one monochrome labelling system, never mind two incompatible ones.

Labelflash is skating on very much thinner ice than Lightscribe, since the cross-vendor Lightscribe has a significant head start, though I’d say that Inkjet printable has finshed the race already and is standing on the winner’s podium.

I can see Labelflash dying out, with Lightscribe as the “VHS” to Labelflashes “Betamax”, as it seems unlikely that it will be solved (as in +/-R) by the majority of drives going “dual”. Of course, which one, both or neither goes through to the next round, on Blue-ray vs. HD-DVD, is another issue.