Labelflash not appearing - maybe because in external box?

Managed to get my hands on a Pioneer DVR-111L and mounted in external box using the EXT f/w from TDB … however … after connecting to laptop and updating the nero to there’s no labelflash icon. LLS.dll is included in this version of nero, and i’ve got Ultra Edition but still no cigar.

This drive was previously installed internally in another system of mine with Nero Ultra Edition and it worked labelflash just fine. I’m stumped … is it because it’s on firewire? has anyone LF’d on an external box?

I just connected it to my other computer via USB and LF worked fine for some reason. The icon even showed when it was not connected. And this laptop has the Nero Ultra and Nero OEM [and I even swapped the serial numbers around] and still no LF on the laptop … hmmmm … anyone have any suggestions?

I have Labelflash’ed on a Pioneer DVR-111L 8.29 in an external enclosure connected by USB. I haven’t done it over FireWire yet, however. So it’s definitely possible to get it to work in an external enclosure.

Using Nero with a Nero 6 Reloaded license.

I’m getting a little rusty on the Nero 6 license versions vs. Labelflash, but IIRC you need a license for Nero 6.6 in order to use Labelflash - if you have a license for Nero 6 or Nero 6.3 it will work with everything else in Nero but not wih Labelflash.

Hmm … well - it works on one computer and not the other, even if i swap the serial keys [just for legality sake this is temporary and i’m not using both copies at once] the LF doesn’t appear on the laptop but does on the desktop. Both are running nero and the laptop is winxp and the desktop is win2kpro. Worked over USB for the desktop however it seemed the LF icon should appear with the drive connected or not. Seems like the icon isn’t appearing even with the same SN … is there some restriction on LFing … any “hidden” settings to try?

Ultra would not be the correct version for LF.

But it works with my other computer and an Ultra Edition key. If i’m not mistaken (and i might be) isn’t nero reloaded just nero 6.6 and later, or the name for the UK version of Ultra Edition?

Ahha - problem solved. I needed a key starting with 1A25 as stated on another forum online and that would enable the LF. It comes up under nero-product centre as a key for “Nero 6” instead of “Nero 6 Ultra Edition” which is 1A23