Labelflash messed up

Again here, srry for crossposting but I realised that my question was better asked here other then in the dutch side of CD Freaks

The thing is that I burned a Labelflash dvd ON THE RIGHT SIDE and it was complete messed up. I have an Optiarc AD7173 DL burner hat supports Labelflash. It was like it was printed on the labelside and then like someone used a wiper and made a complete sweep around the DVD.

The solution to that seem to be that I used some color pics and I was told ( and read about it) that Labelflash only uses 256 shades of grey. So I made the three pics black and white with Photoshop and tried to burn them again. The result was almost the same. Except that the DVD was now half as it should be and the rest was again like wiped with a wiper. My settings are as followed

Inner radius 25 mm
Width 33 mm
Best printing Quality
Rotationspeed 7875 rpm
Freestyle Template

The only thing I can think of is that the pictures overlap eachother and that gives the wipe effect OR that my rotationspeed is to high. But to ruin another 2 DVD discs and have no satisfying result doesn’t make me very happy.

For the record I read a tutorial and I use the same DVD only mine is a DVD+R instead of the -R used in the tutorial. But that shouldn’t make any difference to my opinion because I am using the upperside to burn my pics on…

One of the answers I got in another forum ( not CD Freaks ) was

The smear is likely a speed issue and laser alignment issue based on the incorrect speed

Can anyone help me with this please?

grtz Dúnedain

Is the drive still under warranty? If so I would use it to fix this problem.