I was wondering if you can use lightscribe dvd’s in a labelflash dvdburner and create a dvd label on to the lightscribe dvd?

Also where can I find labelflas software? Trial version or something…

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Hi :slight_smile:
For LS stuff just go here.
They have a free labelling s/w - LS Simple Labeler.
As for LS on LF drives or vice versa. Not sure if it works. I don’t know of anyone who’s tried this.

You can burn the [B]data[/B] on a LightScribe, Labelflash or normal DVD on a LighScribe, Labelflash or normal DVD burner.

You can [B]only[/B] burn a LightScribe [B]label[/B] on a LightScribe DVD in a LightScribe DVD burner.

You can [B]only[/B] burn a Labelflash [B]label[/B] on a Labelflash DVD in a Labelflash DVD burner.

You can burn a DiscT@2 label on the data side of a DVD (with sufficient free space - at least 900 MB) in a Labelflash DVD burner.

Labelflash Index Maker is free and can be downloaded here.