Labelflash - Free Image Software

After ordering the Optiarc AD-7203A and quite dissappointed about not getting any Labelflash software, I set out to find a way to burn a photo on my disc.

I went ahead and downloaded the free software, Labelflash Index Maker, from the website, and found that there was no option to put an image on it.

I tried the new Japanese Labelflash Photo Labeler software that came out April of 2008, but that didn’t work well either (I did fix the fonts problem [Change your language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese in Control Panel>Regional…], couldn’t get the image to show in the softo). I think they need to improve it a bit, and put some “Engrishi” on it, then the point of this post will be mute.

But for now, I hope that someone can get some use out of this post.

So here goes for free software to put on an image:

*You will need an image editing software, such as the GIMP (free as well)

First, download the Labelflash Index Maker (LIM from here on) from the website (yup, the same one I mentioned above.) Expand it’s contents.

You will find 3 files and another folder. Open the images folder, and open black.jpg in your image editor. The reason I did this, is to keep the same resoltion as what the LIM uses. (It may not be so important, but in the future, just keep the dimensions the same, and it should work.)

Save it as another name like template.jpg. This is your template sort to speak. Now open your photo as well. Copy and past your photo into your template.jpg file and save it. (hints: change the photo to B/W. Make the resolution nice and high. Put your text on the template.jpg as well. Remember the color “white” is what is going to be printed.)

Now open lim.ini in the main folder with notepad. Change LayoutNum to a value of 16 at the top of the page. At the bottom, copy [Layout14]. Paste it below it. Change the Layout number to 15. Change the name to anything, like “Template” Set TitleWidth and TitleHeight value to 0. Save it.

That’s it. :flower: And free. :smiley: Open your LIM and you will see your “template” option at the bottom.

I would suggest you leave the LIM open while you edit/save your template.jpg. To update, just switch from your “template” with the down arrow to another in the list, and switch back. This is of course to see where the disc edge will be as well as where that huge circle will be in the center (something to keep in mind when editing your photo in your template.jpg file.)


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