Labelflash Dual Layer

Has anyone come across a place where you can pick up blank DVD+R DL w/Labelflash?

As far as i know labelflash dual layer media doesn’t exist.

They are just announced a couple of days ago by Verbatim USA. So in a few days/weeks you should be able to get them.

This is very good news for lightscribe users, because now you can get the best dual layer disc’s with lightscribe.

Verbatim sell [I]LightScribe[/I] media, while the original poster is asking about [I]Labelflash[/I] media.

Just like [B]vroom[/B] said, I haven’t seen any Dual/Double Layer Labelflash media.
To be fair, I haven’t been specifically looking for such media either.

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EDIT: Fujifilm lists no Double/Dual Layer media on their DVD for Labelflash page.

EDIT2: Memorex only lists DVD-R Single Layer Labelflash media on their DVD Write Once product page.

I can’t think of any other brands that sell Labelflash media.