Labelflash and Lightscribe questions

Hi there,

I have a few questions about the above metioned media, and I hoped someone could help me out.

  1. Are there any Labelflash CD-Rs I can buy/order ?

  2. Will they be making Labelflash CD-Rs ?

  3. Are there Taiyo Yuden or fairly equivalent quality discs supporting labelflash ? Ive heard tell of Ritek and Verbatim doing them ? Are these discs good quality and where could I get them ?


  1. Are there high quality CDRs with light scribe such as Taiyo Yuden or equivalent ? Verbatim makes some, are they the best quality ?

  2. Can the image be scratched off the top ? Will it flake off or degrade over time ? If it will last a year its not worth the cost for me.

  3. Are there Labelflash DVDs ?


I don’t believe there are any Labelflash CDR media available at the moment. Not sure if there are plans to make any, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The only Labelflash discs I’ve heard of are Fujifilm (Ritek-made) DVD-R. No +R.

Not sure about TY Lightscribe, I don’t believe any exists. Verbatim are very good quality, and about the best you’ll find currently.

Not sure how durable the image is, as I’m yet to buy a Lightscribe drive (soon, though). Maybe others can add their experiences.

Labelflash CD-R? There is none.
You can use the similar Disc T@2 though, on the bottom. But this means that you can’t use the full capacity, of course.
Disc T@2 will work best with Verbatim Music/Metal Azo, and maybe with Verbatim Super Azo or TY Cyanine CD-R.

There are Labelflash DVDs, made by Ritek for Fuji though :frowning:
LightScribe will fade. I have my SHW-16H5S, but rarely do LS.


  1. [li]No.
    [/li]The Labelflash layer is sandwiched between two 0.6mm discs of polycarbonate and is in the middle of the DVD.
    CD media however, has the recording layer on top of a 1.2mm polycarbonate disc, usually with a thin layer of lacquer on top. So it’s not possible to embed a Labelflash layer inside a CD.
    [li]Only Fujifilm-branded Labelflash media has been made available so far, and this media is manufactured by RiTEK.
    [/li]Where you can get them depends on where you live.


  1. [li]The best Verbatim CD-R media is just as good as Taiyo Yuden media IMO, so the Verbatim LightScribe CD-R media should be excellent.
    [/li]I haven’t burned any of mine yet, however.
    [li]I don’t know.
    [/li][li]Do you mean “Are there LightScribe DVDs”?
    [/li]Yes, there are LightScribe DVDs. You can get Verbatim-branded and HP-branded LightScribe DVD media. Other brands have announced support for LightScribe, but I have only seen Verbatim and HP LightScribe DVD media available so far.


I haven’t seen reports of any Labelflash drive being able to perform DiscT@2 on CD-R media. Have you?

I know for sure that my NEC ND-4551 Labeflash drive doesn’t support DiscT@2 on CD-R media (at least not with Nero Cover Designer).

I just bought some Verbatim Lightscribe CDRs and they are CMC. And Memorex also makes Lightscribe CDs and DVD+Rs (CMC).

Why is it that Burners supported Lightscribe but dont support both?

because they are from different company ? and putting both = more expensive drive. (royalty)

Yeah, developed by completely different companies - Labelflash = Yamaha/Fujifilm, Lightscribe = HP and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, IIRC.

Lightscribe seems to better and more popular and more stocks for lightscribe medias :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the lightscribe unit.I just burned an Imation CD and it seems good.All fo on the first print there was a decal half of the cd circumference was not aligned to the other half.The other prints were good.Maybe it was my fault me not knowing how to make the lable.Is it true that labelflash can do color images?

Not as far as I know, but someone may prove me wrong :slight_smile:

Not currently.

Given the apparent lack of commercial success for LabelFlash, I don’t know if we’ll see a future version with color capability. Only time will tell.

I was just asking cause I saw a review on cdrinfo about a nec writer and there was a color cd with some blue fishbones on it(the labelflash logo I think).Anyways how about color labels on lightscribe?There was something said about it as far as I remember.

TDK, Imation and Memorex sell LS media too.
Yes, the buzzword is LightScribe 2.0, and higher speed and stuff like that. I haven’t seen any color LS yet though.

I saw HP and Philips media with lightscribe.

why diskT@2 doesn’t support DVDRW disc’s ?

Because DiscT@2 is:

  1. a write-once idea
  2. requiring an organic dye and not a phase-change recording layer
    It would be possible to write T@2s on phase-change, but this would be too complicated, expensive or rarely used.