Labelflash and endurance of laser

Do you think that labelflash burning affect endurance and lifetime of laser?

Not more or less than normal burning…

Not the first person to refer to that, but when you listen to vendors telling you that and you realize they don’t have a clear idea about the technology and some times tend to think it is the same as LightScribe…you may guess how solid are these opinions.

Yamaha introduced Disc T@2 some years ago and nobody ever referred that it would shorten the life of the drive.

Strange it comes now about LabelFlash.

Anyway, and with an open mind we would like to listen about that from someone with a solid technical ground…and at that level nobody seems to show up so far.

I have a yamaha cd burner (scsi vresion) with disctatoo and it is still working fine…

labelflash is two different technologies discstatoo for the data side and labelflash for the top of the discs.

LF: “substance” is beyond the first layer.
LS: “substance” is on top of the media.

It’s bound to to some slight extent but to be honest the drives are so cheap these days it’s not even worth worrying about.


It’s not the price, it’s the quality and endurance of them. I wonder if you would like to buy a new drive after half a year if you’re fully satisfied with yours and get great burns :iagree:

you might die in six months abd never see the last days of your drive.!!!

hey people what are talking about?

drives as all devices have a time horizon 2-5 years this is called life expectancy if you read a service manual it comes from the maker of the device.
all drives have 1 year waaranty so any problem is serviced from there on it s your luck more than the jobs the drive can withstand
ok if you mean 24 hours you will be making discs nothing but pro equipment is fit 4 you for normal use no prob

when i say normal use i mean routines of the every day office backups etc