Label Tag function on Liteon 524 624 drives

Hi, did any of you ever testet Label Tag functions on these drives?

My Full versions of Nero 2012 and 2015 dont support it.
So i bought a Nero Oem Essential Version 12. It look goods on DVDs. On Cds its like the old Yamaha Disc Tatoo look but the Yamaha Things works a lot of better with Placing Text and Pictures… and that works with almost any Nero Version.

All i have found on the internet that Labeltag only function with oem nero Essential (express) Versions that have the smart-erase and Labeltag Logo on the disc. I have seen Version 9 and 12.

But is there any “Option” that i can burn Media with Nero Exress Version 12 “not” with full speed?


On my Nero 12 essentials it lokks like this