Label releases copy-protected CD with Pride



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A while ago we reported about the country artist Charly Pride, who was set to release America’s first copy-protected compact disk using an incorporate technology that, in theory, would be able to…

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Everything created by man can be cracked as usual its just a matter of time…


Yeah, DVD’s can’t be rip either. right!


CD Audio can never be copy protected without breaking red book standard rulezz…


Anyone ripped it yet? Or downloaded it from some ripped copy??


“never be copy protected without breaking red book rules”? 80 minute audio CDs are breaking red book rules so why not break e few more?


Ok; I went to Best Buy, Circuit City & Borders Books/Cds & none of the stores had this Cd. One guy told me it is re-scheduled for release on the 29th…?? But believe me, I’ll be the first on my block to own this & see wassup widit…


Well if anyone gets the tracks ripped to mp3 they should send the ripped mp3s to the RIAA, Music City Records and Charley Pride with thanks! :d


See, I went to 3 stores & couldn’t find the darn Cd - I really want to jump on this supposed copy protection disk & see what this is all about - but even Amazon has some conflicting info - released the 15th, yet its out of stock? I’ll keep checking.


Like, I realy believe this copy-protection works…DUH! :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t Herman Brood say his CD couldn’t be copied? And the NOS went in with a 14 year old kid to buy the record and he didn’t have any trouble copying it with Adaptec EZ-CD. Whahaha come on guyz, the joke’s on you…again! :4


I’ve heard of CDs that can’t be read in some CD-ROMs/CD-RW drives. Can’t remember the name of the scheme. Just get a HiFi with optical out and copy digitally to a soundcard with optical in, then upload the MP3s and soon noone will need to buy the CD.


What ever happened to consumers rights? Isn’t it still “legal” to copy stuff for personal use, and wouldn’t this “protection” be in violation of that right? These companies care more about $$$ than keeping the consumers happy. Same thing with DVD’s. I say crack away! Until they can provide quality products at resonable prices, screw 'em!


Suppose you can’t copy this CD and after a while it get’s scratched, bent, broken, … normally you should get it exchanged with a new one, paying only fabrication costs of the CD (1 $). This is because you already paid royalties on the original CD and don’t have to pay it twice. The same goes for software, only no-one knows/tries it. So if you have an original M$ CD and it breaks, go to your local store and they should provide you with a new CD. Of course they won’t do it because nobody does, but when you go to court, I bet you’ll win.


A reaction on IVstalin:> yes thats correct, I read something similar a while ago and I think its pretty effective, they make audio cds with some error’s on it so cdroms wont be able to play it but ordinary cdplayers will (cause they wont see the errors, only cdroms will) if they do this you can only copy them (with no loss of quality)if you have a digital out on youre hifi (but then it would take up to 74-80 min. to transfer the cd) but I dont think they’re gonna do this (since you wont be able to play it on youre pc using youre cdrom :slight_smile: