Label print position

is there a better way to position an image with label print than grabbing it and moving it, because it seems when you grab it, it moves way too much, when i print on to the disc i get a small white line at the top of the disc nothing at the sides or bottom, even a uniform line all the way around would be better, it just seems that it is starting to print too low on the disc thanks for any suggestions

What software are you using?
What printer?
Are you printing onto paper labels or onto the disc?

If you’re talking about Canon CDLabelPrint, use the “background” function instead of inserting an image, assuming the photo is actually the entire label. Apart from that you’d need to provide a lot more information about what you’re trying to do and what is happening. Pictures are worth a lot.

sorry i should have had all the info in the original posting, canon ip4200 printing on verbatim dvds with CD-LabelPrint software

ok here is a scanned image of the disc on the tray as it came out of the printer

Still not too sure exactly what the problem is…

What is the size of the original image you are trying too import…too big or too small may cause you problems.

CDan and I use this software a lot, without too many problems

[EDIT…aha…thanks for the pic]

hmmmm i’m downloading images from cdcovers so i am not really sure of the size, but if you look at the scanned image you can see the white line like a halo around the upper edge, i would like to move the image to elimate the halo or have it the same all the way around the edge of the disc

setting the image as background gives me the same results as the posted image

[QUOTE=thomm;2290153]setting the image as background gives me the same results as the posted image[/QUOTE]

OK, but that’s the way to do it. Setting it as background will make any image the exact label size. Be aware that most downloaded labels are not properly cropped and may have a “border” that needs to be cropped. They don’t even need to be pixel-square, since they will be stretched to fit.

Your issue is “print position”. After you click the “print” button, a “Print CD Labels” dialog opens. In the lower left of the pane is “print position”. Remember that the label as it appears on screen is upside down from the orientation as it exits the printer. The values are 1/10 mm.

Your label is too low and a tiny bit to the right. You’ll find that as you change the vertical position the horizontal position will look a bit different. Once these settings are made, they will be remembered and you mostly won’t need to change them again.

To move the image, right click on it and choose Properties. Then click on the Position tab. It looks like you need to decrease the Left and Top fields a few tenths.

[B]ADDED:[/B] CDan jumped in ahead of me as I was checking it out. His way works too.

thanks i’ll try that