Label length limited to 15 characters?

I think this was a known limitation of Nero, but after so many years I am surprised that it still doesn’t allow a label to be longer than 15 characters in a DVD-ROM (UDF) compilation. ImgBurn on the other hand allows 63 characters. Am I missing something here?

I´m not sure if a longe name are recognized on diverse platforms, did Windows show longer names in the explorer?

BTW, I think other burning software like CDBurnerXP, Power2Go etc. also don´t allow long names

Windows explorer truncates labels to 32 characters.

Wow, more than I thought. I think my Standalones can´t do that

I quick check of production/pressed DVDs I have, 15 char is a bogus limit as RICK_AND_MORTY_SEASON_1_D1 is definitely > 15.

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Are you using pure UDF, or UDF+ISO9770? (This is common for DVD-video.) Perhaps Nero is limiting you to labels that work with the latter?

As I wrote it’s a DVD-ROM (UDF) and not a DVD-Video compilation.