La Cie drives what does -R General Use Only mean?

WITH La Cie drives , suggested media says that if you want to use -R , it uses ‘General Use Only’ what does this mean? also, who makes LaCie drives? NEC?

General Use == not Authoring

Virtually all DVD-Rs are G.U. You need special drives to use Authoring discs, and Authoring discs are very expensive and hard to find. Generally, only professional video production houses and movie studios use Authoring drives and Authoring discs (because you can record region control and CSS information on Authoring discs). It’s almost like how most people don’t pay attention to the “unleaded gas only” sticker because all the normal gas out there is unleaded.

would maxell -R ‘plus series’ or ‘broadcast series’ be considered ‘authoring’ or not? I would bet not, right?

Hard to say. An older model supported RAM so it would seem it was Panasonic as they endorsed it. A newer one is Lightscribe so it would appear to be BenQ. I have noticed that none of the major drive manufacturers share the same eject button, so based on this initial theory, BenQ makes that LaCie drive. Their non Lightscribe drive has an NEC button as does their external.

The latest (non LS) LaCie drives, USB2/Firewire (and internal) have been OEM NEC’s, ND-2510A, ND-3500 and ND-3520.