L8 Again



Hi 2 All.

As usual with me I 'm having probs with something everyone has already
done and gone home!!
namely… firmware upgrading of a Liteon 5006…

Was having problems reading DVD’s from all over the place, ( well ebay), not had any problems with own PC created dvd/CD’s but only the odd commercial dvd from the Far east…

The original serial numberwas 0104-3240-0092-G2B9-000-010D

after an painless upgrade from the liteon site with THE file… LNHBE101.E20

The serial is now 0104-3240-0101-G2BD-200-010D

Using this serial the liteon page now offers a file LNHBE101.ES0…

My problem is since using the .E20 file the liteon will not now pay any
commercial DVD’s period… even ones it has played B4.

just reports reading a DVD then stops… will not then do anything, seems to freeze, cannot often even open the tray without powering off.

Strangely though it will still play any dvd recorded on the 5006 before the

Any help appreciated… should I use the next .ES0 file ? or can I downgrade to an earlier verison ?.
Thinking about hacking it… just sharpening the axe now!..




Back again… it won’t record properly … goes thorugh the motions…
timer on, records , switch off … but produces a blank screen… ooer!!




Did you back up your drive fw before doing the upgrade? Looks like the update you did updated the system firmware from 0092 to 0101 which so fat the ILOHacker MV hack does not work on, and the 451s drive from g2b9 to g2bd. Try reflashing it with the stock fw without the ILO hacks.
You could try doing the next ES0 update to see if it makes things better.

You missed the 0098 fw update which was a good one and still worked with ILO Hacker.

What country are you in, the UK?