L532m Hr08

Does anyone one know how to get firmware for this Samsung drive???
My little brother was playing with my laptop with his friends and has set the drive to Region 1. I need to reset my drive but I ca’t find the firmware…
Please help… Its HR08

How should this work once locked?

What do you mean???

I was told that firmware would unlock my region so I can play DVD’s again.

Is this not the case?

Locked is locked.

Only a Vendor reset can help…

What is a Vendor reset?

I researched a bit… Can only the manufacturer perform a vendor reset?
Could I ring HP and get a vendor reset?
Or claim it on warranty…
Thanks for your help

You could ask them of course…

Hp won’t cover it under warranty and they have no vendor resets…
I tryed to get a crack for it but nearly got a Trojan virus.
Thanks for your help, I think i’ll just have to buy a new one!