L20A1P w/MCC004 - Best Firmware / Settings?

Got the CodeGuys tools (neat!) but confused as to which settings to try first.

Which updated BIOS (201AP-KL0A/G/M/N) do I flash?

And then, using the config tool, what checkboxes to use?

Disable Smart Burn
Force Hyper Tuning
Over Speed Writing
Online Hyper Tuning

And I understand that some of these may apply to later models.

I tend to wait for the better media to come along on sale, but if exceptional results can be reproduced on cheaper media with a bit slower settings, I’m all ears.


IMHO there is no real difference between the stock firmwares KL0A,G,M,N on MCC004 media. All these firmwares will do a good job with MCC004 @ 16x if OHT is enabled.

I would recommend you CodeKing´s KL0N FB-eos firmware. This firmware give me very good results on MCC004 MII @ 12x.

btw: genuine MCC004 are good media.

So I’ve already backed up my EEPROM, and I’ve downloaded all of these guys:


Given my current media preference, which should I run, and then after that, using the CodeGuys utility, which if any of these preferences should I select:

Disable Smart Burn
Force Hyper Tuning
Over Speed Writing
Online Hyper Tuning

And is this the correct order?
And is anything else required, such as booting to safe mode / DOS prompt?



Use 20A1P.KL0N.patched-fbl-eos.exe since it’s the latest. You should start first with stock settings. I get good scans with stock. Since smart burn is enabled with stock settings, the drive will still learn and get used to the media. So the burns should gradually improve, so allow maybe 3-5 burns before deciding to switch to another setting.

^ I agree with the above. :iagree: