L.O Owners-Sell me on a Lite-On DVD RW

Hello Everyone

I’ve had two Lite-On players (CdRw and DVD) in our system for the last couple of years without any problems. I’m considering upgrading the cdrw to a DVD-RW player while keeping the DVD player. When I first got my Lite-On cdrw the Lite-On brand was one of the most recommended and best values. Plus it had Nreo (5) which had gained allot of fans.

So naturally I’m looking at a Lite-on burner only to find or at least appear there’s issues with them. Looking thru countless posts on burner recommendations I see the usual Plextors, NEC and Pioneer. But now there’s Benq and LG which I’ve never heard of.

So has Lite-On fell somewhat in customer satisfaction and performance? I was looking at the 1633 but after reading posts here I’m unsure to even consider the 1653. And of course Nero is included which helps as well. By the way I’ll be using this for like 70% CD and 30% DVD base. Thanks for any input.

Kenny J

I have 4 LiteOn burners, an 451@851, 812, 811 and a brand new 1673. All of them hate cheap media and -R blanks. If I stuff quality +R blanks into them, they all produce nice burns.

My new favorite is the 1673 with Verbatim 16X +R (MCC004), nice burns in under 6 minutes. I waited until the 1673 was available due to all the issues debated here regarding the 1213, 1633 and 1653. My 2 cents.

LG (Goldstar) - one of the few proponents of the DVD-RAM format (by far the best rewrite format, though unfortunately the least popular and supported)

BENQ - Favoured by those who like the PI/PIF scanning capability of the Liteon, but but want better write quality.

I own a Liteon DVD-writer, and while recent firmware is looking a little better, the handling of anything other than it’s favoured media is just not acceptable.

Does 1673 burn better than your older LiteOn drives?
What do you mean? Please explain.

I waited until the 1673 was available due to all the issues debated here regarding the 1213, 1633 and 1653


The 1673 Kprobe scans are nice, maybe not nicer than burns from my 811 or 812, but a whole lot faster for sure. If your question pertains to the second quote you included, you can find a lot of posts regarding poor or erratic at best burns from the 1213-1633 (maybe even 1653) models, at least with the earlier firmware. And since newegg was selling the 1673 for a couple of days for less money than the 1633, as soon as I saw the posts from those that already had them reporting improvement I jumped on the bandwagon and am pleased.

BUT, keep in mind it takes good media. I think I have read good posts only on the MCC004 and maybe a CMC 16X +R blank. The 16X Verbatim (MCC004) +R media are reasonable now, like under $. 50, so I don’t do the overspeeding 8X stuff anymore.

1673S…that’s the way to go…and when the 1693 firmware arrives, you can upgrade it to that. I get the most beautiful +R 8x burns with (Verbatim) MCC003 and 16x burns with MCC004. I’m happy.