L&D's 3540A 1.W5 Firmware Confusion

I just ordered the NEC 3540A and want bitsetting.
I downloaded Liggy and Dee’s latest firmware for the drive, 1.W5 in preperation.
I also checked out NEC’s website for their latest firmware for the 3540A and it did not have any at all for the drive. Did I go to the wrong site, if so can someone kindly provide the link.

Now to my question, I unzipped the file and am unsure of what firmware to use,
the extacted files do not match what L&D’s package contents describes.

Their contents display 2 firmware files
Binflash + LD3540 1.W5 Firmware
Binflash + LD3420 1.W5 Quiet Firmware

My extracted files show
LD3540 1.W5 Firmware Package.exe
LD3540 1.W5 Quiet Firmware Package .exe
Both are 1,089 KB

Why does the package contents dispaly 3540 and 3420 and the extracted files both show 3540? Which one of the 3540"s should I be using, the Firmware file, or the Quiet Firmware file?

See attachment below. Any advice is appreciated.

Its just a typing error.
There are no firmwares for this drive on NEC’s website because they have not released any yet. :slight_smile:
Keep in mind. Flashing with unofficial firmware will void your warranty

Thanks for the reply, yes I’m well aware of the voided warranty.

So which one do I use the 3540 1.W5 Firware Package, or the 3540 1.W5 Quiet Firmware Package. The FAQ’s I read in the included files did not explain the difference.


To be honest, I use the standard one (NON-quiet) and it’s not what I would call noisy! (My BenQ, that’s noisy when ripping at 16x!)

If you want fast ripping, use the first firmware.


Thanks for taking the time to explain, brain fart occurred, had I read more closely I would have seen it was a typo and the explantion of the two files were indeed included in the LD3540 1.W5.RTF file.

My apologies for wasting your time and taking up space on the forum.

Many thanks for the tip.

You didn’t waste my time, its a pleasure to be here, and thanks for reporting the typo, i hadn’t noticed this :o

Outstanding attitude, my sincerest thanks for your hard work and contributions to the forum.

Here is another dumd question. Can I flash these two firmware back and forth?


Could you explain that a little further? Do you mean that you want to switch between the two firmwares multiple times?

I believe what audio newbie is asking is he\she can try one firmware, then the other to see what works best, and is it possible to switch back to the first one he\she tried if that worked best. I don’t see any problem in doing that whatsoever. Only audio newbie can clarify that was the intended question.

Yep, there is no problem in doing this. But keep in mind each time you flash a drive you run a slight risk that something might go wrong during the flash, such as a PC crash or power outage.

Thanks TommyCP, Itzbinnice and Dee,

That is exactly what I meant to ask. What I’m trying to do here is for ripping purpose, I want to flash the “LD3540 1.W5” firmware. And for playback, I want to flash the “LD3540 1.W5 QUIET” to see it how much quieter compare to the first firm ware.

Thanks again for all your help, you guys rock.

You could try using the “not quiet” firmware and reducing the read speed with “Nero Drive Speed” or “CD Bremse”