L.A. Court to Decide on Copyright Suit

I just posted the article L.A. Court to Decide on Copyright Suit.

Aztechya used our newssubmit to tell us that Judge Steven Wilson in California, USA is deciding whether record companies and movie studios can sue Austrailian Sharman Networks for offering products…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4953-L_A_-Court-to-Decide-on-Copyright-Suit.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4953-L_A_-Court-to-Decide-on-Copyright-Suit.html)

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If it were goods, my stupid government would just block them from coming into the country. That is the best they really can do by law. Since when has that changed? So the internet changed all the laws about American government jurisdiction in the rest of the world? :r I think what has happened here is these companies are just too fucking big and practically own the government nowadays. We need laws to restrict the allowable size of companies (i.e Microshaft, RIAA, MPAA) so that our government can actually control them, instead of being controlled by them.

how nice of the judge. because hollywood is dissatisfied we sould just tell the world what to do.this is alesson on why you should pay attention to judicial nominations.:frowning:

“You can’t escape USA Justice by setting up a shop outside the United States”. That’s just fucken scary!!! FUCK you Ramos!!! I hope you rot in hell!!! Countries have a right to their own laws you Bitch!!! I thought doing operations in a country without a copyright law was safe!!! It better be, or I will be so pissed off. I already am pissed off enough as it is with the copyright law on US territory let alone international law enforcement on copyrights. That would be by far my worst nightmear!!!

UofM3000, how would you like it if you spent lots of time and money making something to sell and everyone copied it instead of buying it? These people have a right to try and protect the stuff they (or their clients) have made, regardless of where in the world it is being copied.

Maybe so, but that’s not what’s being debated here. It’s the worringly far reach of the US courts. Personally, I’ve nothing against people being punished for crime, but it should be conducted in accordance with the laws where the offence took place. Dropping litter in some countries is punished by lashes. Doesn’t mean that everyone has to do it. If I commit a crime on UK soil (where I’m from), I would not recognise the jurisdiction of any US court. Of course, if someone wished to take appropriate action in the UK courts, bring it on.