Kvm switch with no ps2?

I am setting up an old gateway celeron to use as a win 98 gaming computer for those old but good games that won’t run on xp even with compatibility mode etc, but I seem to have ran into a problem. It would be running along side other computers on a kvm switch, but it only has usb for the mouse and keyboard (no ps2 ports). Since the kvm runs off the keyboard port (and doesn’t know there is a computer there without it), is there a way to simulate a keyboard port, or does anyone have any other ideas?

Maybe something like these?

Or maybe something cheaper here.

Hello ripit

There are different possibilities I guess. Windows 98SE for example supports USB HID devices good so far. You could use a USB capable KVM switch. There are a lot different types of USB capable KVM switches on the market. If you’d use USB for mouse and keyboard, it would be the best since PS2 poerts are fanishing in PCs.

The USB PS2 adapters linked by Jethro may work fine. But it could be possible that the mouse whell does not work properly or if you have a keyboard with special keys this keys are not supported. But I guess it is worth a try since this adapters are cheap.

Thanks for the info on the adapters. I’m not sure that I want to pay 25$ shipped for a stupid, simple little adapter. Thats worse than The ati s video to composite adapters that are 18$ shipped (cross wired from a normal one so the cheapo 2$ ones wont work and you have to pay 18$). That ebay one looks promising though at less than 5$ shipped. I’m going to look around locally now that I know such a thing is available, but if all else fails, I’ll get that ebay one.

@TM, I’m not worried about passing mouse or keyboard function through the kvm switch if there are issues. I have several corded\cordless keyboards and mice. I can also share a cordless keyboard to any computer that is networked over my network usb hub. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to have an extra cordless keyboard and mouse sitting to the side if necessary.