Kvcd's to DVD

I followed the tutorial, and put a few vcd’s onto 1 dvd and they work in my DVD player. The only problem is that the audio is totally off, and I cannot get it to match the video. It starts off fine (i.e.- when the miramax logo loads with sound) and then when the actual movie plays, I am baffled to see that the audio is not even close to where it is supposed to be. Is there anything I can do? I am using DVD lab.

Demux your VCD’s in tmpgenc’s tools (or other demuxer, even DVDLab will do it, just say NO to Audio Transcode).
Convert audio to 48khz AC3 using Ffmpeggui (it’s free).
Import the demuxed video and the AC3 audio into DVDLab.
The problem arises when authoring VCD onto DVD, because VCD audio is usually LPCM @ 44,100hz, and DVD spec is AC3 audio at 48khz. The transcoding from 44,100 to 48khz usually throws it off.