KVCD, SVCD, DVD?! what exactly are they?

hi guys, i know very newbish questions i got, just perfect in this side of the forum :).

coz you see i got most of my video files on .avi and i was wondering whether i should convert them to DVD, or KVCD or SVCD when i burn them. or just leave them as .avi and burn them only in a data disc.

what exactly are they? what are their advantages, disadvantages? which one do you prefer? will the quality increase or decrease if i converted .avi to any of these three?

hoping you will enlighten me on this,


http://www.videohelp.com/dvd (and other pages there)

Conversion always loses quality, the best it can do is lose a little as possible.

For PC use, may as well leave AVI as AVI, the only reason to convert in that case, is if it uses a codec that may not be available on another system.

DVD - standard DVD is good for TV viewing from a DVD player
SVCD (Super Video CD) - uses the MPEG2 codec (like DVD), but player compatibility can be a bit hit or miss.
VCD - standard Video CD has good playback compatibility on DVD and VCD players, but compromses quality compared to DVD or SVCD

KVCD (or K-anything) - tinkers with the standards, and while they play well on most software, standalon hardware compatibility is extremely suspect … it’s a fat lot of good getting more time/quality if the result won’t play on the portable CD/MP3/VCD player you made it for.

You CAN lower bitrates and get more time (by VBR, 2 pass VBR etc.) without compromising compatibility too badly.

And there is more crap like MVCD, XVCD, XSVCD…

hehe its the quality of the movie plain and simple