Kvcd problems lot of glitches skipping



tried to make some kvcds with this templates usiung tmpegnc

NEW-K-VideoCD (PAL).mcf
high quality (slow)

Unchecked “Detect Scene Change”, Under The Quantize Matrix Tab, Unchecked “No Motion Search For Still Picture Part By Half Pixel”

when playing in a normal player in the pc it plays fine

i make the bin cue image with vcd easy but when try to play it on the dvd player the image keeps sskipping almost no sound the sound skips every second lot lot lot of glitches = movie unwatchale at all any help pls really wanna make good kvcd’s

is there another software with what you can make the bin cue image other than nero cos nero checks the vcd compliance and always converts it to a normal vcd thank you vey much for your help


KVCD isn’t a compliant VCD standard, you probably just have a picky standalone player.


Yup, who would use KVCD anyway in these days where DVDs are cheap for anyone?!??


if it’s not a compliant vcd standard it own’t work on a vcd standalone player?
and a little question do svcd’s work on a standalone vcd player ? thanks


KVCD “may” work on a VCD player.

However, SVCD cannot work on a VCD player because VCD is mpeg1 and SVCD is mpeg2 like with dvd too.

Even XVCD is maybe better than KVCD.

Have a look here: www.videohelp.com


and xvcd does it work in a standalone vcd player and are they other softwares than vcdeasy or vcdgear to make the bin cue image cos they give some errors hile making the image thanks


If you have luck it will work.


can you tell me pls if it will work for sure or what do i need to do so it will 100% work thanks


Use and follow the exact VCD specifications - then it should work in any VCD compliant player.