Kvcd into DVD?

Hey all glad i found this place it looks to be paced with lots of smart people and lots of info…Anyhow i dled a few kvcd torrents and convertxtodvd wont work on these files. I was wondering if there was a program that can take a Kvcd and burn it on a dvd nice and simple like convertxtodvd ? If not can anyone help me get these movies on a dvd from Kvcd ? Thx for any help

TMPGEnc DVD Author

tovid is great. but it’s only been run on linux as far as I know. I tried to get it running in xp, but I don’t have enough experience in these things.http://tovid.wikia.com/wiki/Tovid_Wiki

:rolleyes: Thread is 2 years old now But welcome to the Forum and MyCE

thanks. I’ve spent alot of my time the last few years in linux etc, forums. I love this site so far. Wish I would have found it earlier.

There are lots of different forums here on MyCe with lots of good information also