KVCD crappy quality HELP!? skips frames too

Hi all!

I just burnt a bin file thats apparentely a KVCD. I used Nero to open the cue and off it went. also i was trying to get nero to burn at 4x but it wont let me burn at less than 10x. I read in the txt file that came with the bin to use use slower burn speed to increasse quality and avoid skippin frames.

My issue is that the quality is crap to say the least and it skips frames. Im trying it out on a standalone player.

Is there something im missing or is KVCD quality just crappy?

Thanks a lot. any help appreciated

Welcome to CD Freaks.

The KVCD movie would not be a good quality one if it’s longer than about 45mins.

The skipping is probably due to using poor quality CD-R media rather than the burn speed you used.

A lower burn speed doesn’t always help [as most of us already know]. Just know media and a burn speed that you know works fine normally. The KVCD is probably crappy if it’s trying to cram video in [say more than ~ 60mins into a CD is stretching it]

Oh ok, Come to think of it they were pretty cheap ass cds. Got 100 for 20 bucks. Im using Samsung cdr 52x 700mb 80min.


Just use the original source and creat either an VCD, SVCD or DVD.