Kus Emmy

I just wanted to say…girl we missed you here…gald you found your way back to the living room…

Yo S_S-

Must say that I was surprised that she had just turned 15-

Her writing sounds much more mature than that - and her pic also looks more mature - eh?


You wish, eh, BM :slight_smile:

oh man…are you trying to say that age is linked to ability to communicate? grrrrrr

shes one smart woman and she is very beautiful …
Mike …she-Kus Emmy_ use to post in the living room on a regular basis…i just missed her not posting…

Yo S_S-

There you go again - please reread as a compliment to the young lady - NOT as derogatory-


i know i was picking on ya…but she is really a great girl…

Yo S_S-

Thank goodness - thought that I was going to have to sound the “PMS ALERT” there for a minute-



that alert?
oh i don’t have pms ever…:wink:

Good one, SS.

Last time I checked babies were far less successfull in conducting a meaningful argument than older people :bigsmile:
Airhead knows he is a nitpick and takes cover to shield himself from feminine rage


Even female babies?

with that being said…we ALL know that FEMALE babies are more advanced in speech patterns

Yes, that is right; however, it oftentimes graduates to loquacity.

Can we get back on topic here please…

Kus_Emmy is one hot Dutch sweetie.

Nice to see you’re back.

Kus Emmy is my long lost sister. So you guys better watch out. Big brother is watching you all…

Wow, you now have more posts than S_S!

/me looks at picture. Decides to emigrate to Dutchland :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey she’s too young for you! :wink:

I know. I’m sorry. :sad:

Still she is looking very beautiful and if your correct all the girls look like that (please don’t destroy my sterotype) i’m a comming.