Kurt Cobain

Well its still the 5th of April here (barely) anyway its the 11th Anniversary of his death today, yeah time flys, anyway just like to say respect to the man wether he killed himself or not i respect his music and it will (as they say) live on for generations to come. :bow:

I agree Mr.Brownstone

Its amazing to think that now his music is still as popular as 10 years ago.
RIP Kurt, you changed the way music is today :slight_smile:

I saw his first concert tour here in the US. Something I’ll never forget. His memory lives on.

Agree with Mr. Brown. :iagree:

Burt Cocaine is kewl!

I am not a huge fan of Kurt Cobain or Nirvana, but they did throw out a few good tracks. Anyway, I heard something on talk radio about a bizzare death phenomenon of 27 year olds (seems alot of famous people besides Kurt died at age 27.) Pretty strange. RIP Kurt!