"Kung Fu Hustle" isn't recognized by any drives

Recently purchased Kung Fu Hustle and was attempting to back it up. Plays fine in my DVD Player, but when inserted into either my DVD-ROM or DVD-R drive, the disc is never recognized. Both drives still appear to be empty. Anyone had similiar problems?? DVD-R drive is the NEC ND-3540A. Thanks! :smiley:

Software used?
Media used?

I don’t believe software is the issue here, as my problem is that niether of my DVD drives (both the ROM and DVD-R) even detect the disc. When I insert is, I can tell the drives are trying to read the disc, however after a few seconds they give up, and when I examine the drives they both appear to be empty as if the DVD is not in the drive itself. I believe this is a problem with the DVD disc itself, however it is unscrathced and plays fine in my player at home. Both drives have no problems reading other DVD’s so I don’t think the drives are at fault. Was just curious if anyone had similiar problems with Kung Fu Hustle itself or any other movies…

Do you run AnyDVD in the background? Maybe this disc has one of those irritating autoplay programs that keeps it from reading. Or, maybe your drives just don’t like it. It could be a marginally defective disc, ok in set-top boxes but not in DVD-ROM drives. I’d get it replaced if I were you, but first make sure it isn’t just your comuter, try it in a friend’s machine. Oh, and make sure to run AnyDVD first (there’s a free trial, get it from http://www.slysoft.com if you need to) because that disables autorunning protection software.

this is sounding verry familer, my sister bought the revenge of the sisth & another disk(a sony movie). she is having the same problem. they play just fine on her set-top machine but when inserted into her computer there not reconized??the only prog that are on her machine are dvd decry & shrink. were talking about win xp pro with a pent4.
have been reading alot about sonys use of drm’s with rootkit but dont think it has anything to do with this?? is there a somthing new out??

Keep in mind that any device that displays the DVD logo has to be able to play DVD Videos - movie companies can not release a DVD that will not play on a PC and call it a DVD Video!!

Most likely is that the disc has manufacturing errors on it - if it doesn’t play on your PC, take it back to the shop and ask for a replacement. Even if it plays on a stand alone player.

People have posted on here that they have went through a couple of replacements until they got a disc that was free from errors!!

Not on DVDs, no. The rootkit is for audio cd’s only. Something else is going on there. My advice is to go to slysoft and download the trial of AnyDVD and see if that helps. If that works for you, slysoft is giving 10 dollars off to cdfreaks users…see the top of the forum for details.

Well, well, well… software… AnyDVD :iagree: