Kung Fu Hustle DVD



Hi all
Using AnyDVD
Having some problems backing up KFH

I did a quick search & saw some other people had some issues as well so Im thinking it must be a new version
Someone suggested copying the IFO files to tech support but I am afraid I dont know how to do this…

The oddest thing is with AnyDVD enabled I can use some software but not others (eg I can use Nero Recode & it just hangs, cant even open the disc, yet using Shrink (which I thought was same program just older version?) I can actually get a copy to burn)
So I think that AnyDVD is probably partially decoding the dvd (which would explain why so many posts saying I cant/can on the forums)


Ran it through Decrypter then Shrink. It worked fine for me. Might want to try latest version of Decrytper.


It was fine for me using the latest AnyDVD and CloneDVD.



Update: Besides certain programs hanging, the copy shrink made skips a couple times during movie (problem reading source maybe?)


Same for me (Region 1, Widescreen). No problems at all.


I think there’s a mastering problem with KFH. Send your IFOs to SlySoft.

Here’s how:

  1. Disable AnyDVD.
  2. Go to “my computer”.
  3. Right-click the DVD drive and pick “open”.
  4. Copy every file that has the extension IFO (I’m assuming you don’t have extensions turned off like some N00b) to your desktop.
  5. Zip 'em up and send 'em to SlySoft.


I was able to copy Kung Fu Hustle using the latest version of each proggy.