Kudos for the Nero AAC Implementation



I am posting this here so the Ahead programmers can see it.

I have been working on a project to measure codec quality with a computer. I know its been tried before, but I think people make it too complicated or give up to easily.

Nero AAC comes out the best on just about any bitrate. Here is a summary of the results:

You can read the paper at Correlation Comparison of 8 Codecs

Thanks for the great work guys.



what versions of the encoders did u use? i only see version numbers for lame.

i found this post doing a google search. are you going to consider posting this info to hydrogenaudio?

i think a lot of people will be skeptical of these results being that musepack finished close to last for high and very high bitrates. as you probably know, it is generally considered to be the best for high bitrate lossy encodes. to see lame ahead of it is a little surprising.

anyway, nice job! this looks promising. i myself can’t wait for Nero AAC to definitively surpass musepack!


It is not posted on HA because I am banned from there. Science is forbiden on HA by Terms of Service Rule #8.

The version used was a little out of date (Nero Express Check out my post on doom9 for details of the version numbers.

I have already been told by Guroboolez that I am off base. “So many studies show MPC to best at high bitrates.” Unfortunately, I can not find a single example of such a study. Listening tests at 192 kpbs or higher do not seem to exist.

If you know of some, please let me know.