KS04-KS09 and back



Successfully got to KS04 on my Sony D26. 4 minute Full CD burns with verify. When I upgraded to KS09 last month, burn time jumped to more than 15 minutes. Put back to KS04 this morning, and burns now are 4 minutes again.
I guess I should stay at KS04.


The old firmware, when reviewed, was cited for problems with burning CDS. I have read that the updated firmware had solved the CD quality issue. It is possible it is slowing down the MAX burn speed in favor of a quality burn. Just a thought.


I don’t understand what you mean by “old” firmware. The slower KS09 was the latest release.


KS04 is older and had problems with CDs. KS09 is newer, and is reported to have resolved these problems. This is the review that reported the problems; another poster here stated that KS09 had fixed this.



My experience is exactly the opposite.


Just stick to the firmware best to you, newer is not always better.

Try and do a KProbe quality scan and see which firmware gives better burn, maybe faster speed will result in quality drops (Unless you care about speed more) :slight_smile:


KS04 will give you C2 errors on CD-Rs burned at 48x, which are very bad :(.

Upgrade to KS09 again (make sure you use crossflashed firmware (see my signature)) and check that DMA is enabled after the flash ;).


Reflashed to KS09. Don’t know what I did different, but much better. About 5 min for a 675mb data CD with verification.
Thank you.


I routinely see different speeds on CMC discs in the same stack. My Plextor Premium will adjust the speed to maximize quality and I get a range of 16X to 32X on the same discs. Possibly you have something similar going on. Anyway, glad you are content. No amount of speed is worth C2 errors.