I know there are a few members of cd-freaks which like rap.

So who want the KRS-1 album : The sneak attack.

Download this file :

And follow the instructions on the screen.

It’s from
A great site BTW if you have a high speed connection :wink:


Tnx for the sharing but already have this great album can advice it to anybody who love`s hiphop :slight_smile:
Didnt know that site going to give it a look…


Man I was disappointed when I bought that album with his philosophy bullshit, it was cool when he did criminal minded and my philosophy album, but now he just preaches.

You are hip hop, you dont do hip hop you live hip hop,
blah blah LoL,


Have to addmided that eminem is right about the philosophy thing,I have the By all means necessary album here on vinyl :slight_smile:

But there are some realy true good hip hop tracks on that album if you leave the philosophy stuff out of it.


Its just like Capadonna, his first album was full of hate and shit and his latest album, The yin and the yang is also full of happy shit and preaches.
There are still some good tracks on it butt i prefer good old Pac and Biggie.


aahh yes nothing beats 2 pac and B I G


Well, I just d/l the album. I just listened to a few tracks, and yes it’s crap. I do also prefer 2PAC and Biggie.

Later more, now eating :wink:

Just finished eating, I d/l fisrt the album and if its nice I will buy it.
Sometimes you just want to have the original. :wink:

Ya think I am crazy???

No, the deserve it. Like Brainpower, I d/l the album, it rocks, and I bought it.


How bout Ice Cube??