Krpobe scans: Liteon 411@811 vs. Sony 710a

Hopefully I am posting in the right thread. Sorry if I am not.

Anyways, I have a litey 411@811 and a sony 710a. I usually use kprobe on the litey but I have notice unusually high PI and PIF errors on Verbatim DVD+R media (MCC-003). They usually hit around 250-300 PI and 5-8 PIF errors. When I use the sony 710a with kprobe the score is around 45-70 PI and 1-3 PIF. What is more accurate? I use the 710a to burn the dvd and I am burning a full 4.36 movie. What is your take on this? I know kprobe was designed for liteon drives and I also know that sony uses the same hardware so that won’t be a factor right? Correct me if I am wrong.

I also scan the disc using NERO tools. I get around the same results give and take a few using the nero quality test. Transfer rate looks great on both drives and no errors reported through NERO either.

More info regarding the drives: Litey fW HSOK and Sony 710a BY01 + Bitsetting MCC 003 hack to 6x write only (Sony is a sony dvdirect. Original FW was BY03 but BY01 gave way better results in stand alone mode)



? I hope you made a backup of BY03… it’d be nice to get a copy of that. :wink: (sorry for the off-topic reply)

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Yes 411@811 have been known to be poor readers/scanners in SOME cases. Looks like you have one, or at least borderline, there have been MUCH worse. Good thing you had the sony to back up your findings. Good idea trying to scan thru nero too. Sometimes it takes several different tests to get an idea of what are accurate results.

Both drives are giving you “accurate” results. You are not measuring any absolute quality on the discs, but rather a reflection of the interaction between disc and drive. The discs are marginal in quality, and one drive is simply better at reading them than the other.

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Thanks for the response. I had a quick quesiton though, what do you mean by “The discs are marginal in quality”? I thought Verbatim MCC are top quality. Maybe I am not understanding you.

I thought Verbatim MCC are top quality.

The MCC003 are well known for causing problems in some burners. Your 411 is telling you they aren’t so great and the Sony says they’re OK. That makes them “marginal”. If both drives like them then they’re “good”. In this situation, you could run some transfer rate tests in CDSpeed to confirm they can be read at full speed.
If they read alright in whatever drive needs to read them, then don’t worry about it. But next time buy some TY. :wink: Personally, I think MCC is over rated. And some batches are much better than others.


Thanks for clearing that up. It is funny because I used TY’s and I was getting OK results. I was hoping to get awsome results with the reputation they have. I have a pioneer 108 that is now a piodata 108 with bitsetting and the TY’s where getting a PI of 75-80 and PIF of 3-4. With the MCCs I get a scan on the litey of around 15-25 PI and 1-2 PIF. Using the sony 710a I get a scan 0f 5 - 8 PI and 1 -2 PIF. Crazy huh!

By the way the TYs where DVD-R with a code of TYG02. I have not yet tried the +r’s yet since I am very happy with Verbatim right now. It just crazy how two drives give such different results.

It just crazy how two drives give such different results.

Nah, that’s the way it works, and is why we always say “don’t compare scans from different drives”. You might easily find discs that produce the opposite results, where the 411 shows lower errors than the Sony. Or even the same media when burned at a different speed or read at a different speed.