Hi Anyone,

I’d like to know how to access my D drive partition, after attempting to Resize (enlarge) my C partition by moving space from D to C. I got message that read something like. “Partition magic needs to restart your PC in DOS mode…” It did so, then frooze.

I restarted my PC but it no longer recognised the D drive. I re-entered Partition Magic to see what was happening. The partition type had gone from a NTFS and is now a ‘PqRP’.

There is no ‘PqRP’ in the help index of my version of P Magic V 7. Is there a fix please? I would be most grateful for some wise advice.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try to run the disk manager in windows. Can you still see the D: partition on the disc?

There are also purposely suited LiveCDs to recover damaged partitions, like SystemRescueCd or software that can be run from windows like TestDisk.

Be careful however: messing-up with partitions can cause disasters, so if you are not a “geek” is better to ask for help to someone that already used these software :slight_smile:

I just found this one: