Kprove and cd-dvd only with lite-on drive? Confused!

Hi there guys.

This is my first post but not the first visit here.

I am interested in the cd/dvd burning qualities brought on by the different combinations of medias and burner. As of now, i have two different drives.

A TDK CDRW523252BC. [TDK CyClone CD-R/RW & DVD Combo]
A TDK DVDRW1616N [TDK DVD 16+/- DVD Writer and Dual Layer Burner]

I usually burn normal CDS using my Cyclone drive and my dvds with the dvd writer. I don’t burn cds with the dvd writer. Ive always been burning music cds, archives and whatever and i usually wonder how long they last. I always thought that if i can just keep them scratch free, it would suffice.

But, i see that its not just a matter of storage. There are other issuesl ike the kind of media used and so on. So without talking so much, let me get to the main point of my post

When i go to the CD/DVD testing forums, i see that they always mention that the tools only work with lite-on drives. What do they exactly mean by lite-on drives? Isn’t that a particular brand of cd/dvd drives or is that some kind of a technical term?

I usually use TDK gold cds to burn normal cds and a wide range of DVD medias but that might change of i know the good combination. How am i supposed to know what kind of dyes cds/dvds use? What program is normally used to find that kind of info? Kprobe?

And lastly, are the drives that i have good or are they just mediocore? I am sorry if i have asked any questions previously asked by others. Thanks a lot in advance guys.

sirfalas, NICE NICK! I’m not at all sure about the drives. If I’m not mistaken, the TDK’s will be re-badges of other manufacturer’s drives. WHere media is concerned, if you want really REALLY good burds on world class media, stick with Taiyo Yuden, available from in the United States. This, you will see, is easily the favorite among those that want the finest media. Both CD-R and DVD + or - R can be had from Taiyo Yuden.

Reguarding K-Probe, Many drives don’t have the ABILITY to report the PI or PO errors, adn so this type of utility simply will not work. (I have an NEC ND-3500, GREAT drive, but it is one that is unable to do PO/PI reporting.) Lite-On, Plextor and Benq drives are all brands that also allow this type of reporting. Oh, sorry, I forgot to answer, yes, Lite-On is a brand of writer.

A lesser test, although still useful, that will work on your drives is Nero’s CD/DVD speed. This will allow you to find out how well the disk is reading across it’s entire contents. Not only can you measure that actualy transfer rate the CD or DVD is capable of, in the case of CD audio disks, you can actualy test it’s quality adn ability to extract that data digitaly. (DAE testing. DAE means Digital Audio Extraction.)

To find out who actualy MANUFACTURED your media, use DVDIdentifier, or CDR Media Code Identifier or similar for CD’s. (I think there are better ones out there for CD-R’s, but I’m not sure which ones are best.)

All the afformentioned softwares can be had for free. Here are the links:

Nero CD/DVD Speed:


CDR Media Code Identifier :

Also, here’s a link to 's list of Tayo Yuden media, bother CD-R and DVD + & - R:


Heh, thanks. i agree its a nice nick too.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. I guess i should have gotten a plextor or something but oh well.

I am not living in the US so i have to find out the taiyo yuden disk source somewhere else. Thanks a lot. Im gonna stick around here for long and learn all this stuff.

Thanks for the help once again. Appreciate it

The TDK DVDRW1616N appears to be rebadged NEC 3500A - so the upcoming 2.R8 firmware (maybe the release will be 2.R9) may enable defect scanning using CDspeed.
It would mean crossflashing to NEC firmware, or waiting for TDK to come out with their version of it.

The TDK CDRW523252BC is an rebadged OEM Liteon SOHC-5232K
So you should find it will work with KPROBE, though DVD-ROM and Combo drive results are not 100% comparable with scans from Liteon Writers - different writer models may also vary, it’s not an exact science.

Hey Matth,
I was going to post that information but I digressed as I did not want to shatter his illusion on the TDK brand. He appears to harbor supreme loyalty to the brand.

I hope no one post the MID codes on the TDK media that may reveal that the media might not be manufactured by TDK.

Actually, there are plenty of worse drives they could rebadge…

The NEC 3500A seems to be well regarded, and if the addition of scanning (as yet unreleased firmware, plus CDspeed (free) or DVD Info Pro (banner/timedware/shareware)) works out ok, it’ll be an even better drive.

The Liteon 5232K is also a pretty good combo drive.

Haven’t TDK drives always been rebrands, even from the old 12x CD-RW (Plextor or something else?)

Ok. The reason I use TDK media and got these TDK drives, is because im a noob when it comes to the technical terms involving these drives.

Hence, the reason i posted it here on the newbie forum. Why be unfriendly towards me and say that i harbor supreme loyalty to the brand? I mean, why not just point me in the correct direction and tell me that TDK drives are just rebatched. I would really prefer that.

I don’t have any particular loyalty or anything. I just don’t know and im trying to learn. Give me a break here.

edit: and oh thanks Matth and the others. I appreciate it. Gonna read up more on those rebatched drives and stuff.

edit2: oh and yes, the combo drive is able to return me the po/pi errors info. i Use the cd/dvd speed software from nero.

Welcome to the forums.

This was not an unfriendly post, it was merely an eye opener.
Matth had already posted the information about the rebadges.

Let’s face it, we were all newbies at on time or another and we are all here to learn.
What you have just learned it that TDK might not have manufactured the components that you thought they did. The fact that all your chosen components are TDK would indicate loyalty, at least in my book. Obviously you have chosen TDK because you are comfortable with the name, and there is nothing wrong with that. Your choices were based on your familiarities and in time the knowledge acquired here will permit you to broaden those choices with more informative disclosures.

I simply indicated in my post that in my opinion your were loyal to TDK, perhaps blindly, and I did not want to be the one to shatter your illusion about your chosen brand.

Not giving you a hard time, just an eye opener. Just trying to get you to acknowledge the information being provided and hopefully you will learn from it.
Things aren’t always as they seem.

Oh ok.

Heh, i misunderstood your post.

Reason i bought TDK was, at first, when buying the computer, i got the TDk combo drive and some MSI dvd-rw burner. Then when the TDK dual layers came out, it was pretty cheap, i just bought that, and gave away the MSI to my sibling.

So yea, it was mainly the price and the name. And thanks. anyway, i’ll let this thread just fade away. I have got my questions answered. You people have been friendly. I’ll just go read up more first before posting.

Thanks again

PS, alot of people buy re-badges on purpose having learned here that the writer they REALLY want is available as a re-badge for a SCREAMIN’ good price. TDK does have a good name, and I’m sure aims to protect it. The TDK DVDRW1616N (aka NEC-3500) si a very nice drive where I’m concerned. When I bought my 3500, I was also looking at the Lite-On drives, though they didn’t offer 16X at the time, and Pioneer. The NEC was my choice, I’m very happy with it, and I’ve not heard anyone as yet who’s bought one that regrets that decision! Plextor is a VERY respected name in optical writers, but they are VERY expensive comparitively, and at the moment, while they DO certainly have their niche, don’t seem to be the best all-around burner for most people’s needs!

In summary, you may have just struck upon some dumb luck having bought that writer as, were you armed with ALL the facts at the time you bought it, you very likely would have decided the 3500 was your best bet, then found the TDK re-badge was the same drive at less money! That being the case, I was wondering if you’d come with me Neext time I go to the casino as my good luck charm! lol