Kprobe2 stoped working

I had a lite on cdr drive and kprobe v2.5.2. I was able to scan discs. Suddenly kprobe no longer scans the discs. No error is given. The results come back immediatly without the drive even spining up. I doubt a scan is being performed. The results always show 0 errors for everything, C1 and C2
current, average and total all come out 0.

I just changed to an I/O Magic that is realy a benq CDRW 5232x. I know kprobe only works on lite on but the problem started with the lite on drive.

Also, I am not sure but the problem may have started when I started using Taiyo Yuden media bought from meritline yahoo (I saw it linked from these boards a few times and I figured the cd freaks around here probably know where to get the good media:))