Kprobe2 result question



i just added the ttg02 setting to my firmware.
but i don’t understand the results in kprobe2.
is this burn ok? or is it bad?
if its bad is there anything i can do to improve this?

many thanks


the sacn doesn’t look good. you should rescan this disc 54x speed, it’s the liteon forum standard.


It has to be 4x…

PI max = 280, preferably lower,
PIF max = 4.

:smiley: Leo


I’m having real strange results with my 811S with fw HS0K.
The disc was burned at 8X, brand FUJI 8X, Yuden T02.
I dis a EEPROM reset and the 2 dvd’s I burned are both like this.
I also notice 3 shades of color for all three burnspeed areas. The part written at 4X is a lot darker then both other burnspeedareas. Strange thing is, the disc plays and reads out perfectly in my nec3500. I will scan with kprobe later, this one was scanned with my Plextor 716.
Please help me.


@ sask It would probably work out cheaper in the long run to buy a decent DVD-RW, the x11S series seems to be more trouble than its worth, seems like pretty lazy advice but it’s what i’d do.

@ s0lar if youve got a 3500 and a 716 why in god’s name are you messing with that thing? just for the heck of it i hope :slight_smile:


Mr. Brownstone…thanks for your advice i may just do that next week.
would you recommend any drive in particular?


Is the age old question, it depends what ‘you’ want, do you want it for xbox backups or just plain old data backups? or perhaps dvd video backups? each drive has its good and bad points, i always say this but i say it for a reason and not to be an arsehole :slight_smile: but use the search function its your friend :iagree: if you go with NEC, Pioneer, or Benq or even LG you wont go far wrong, The only redeeming feature of Liteon DVD-RW drives is the great work the CodeGuys are doing, and error scanning, but i personally wouldnt be looking to liteon for DVD writing any time in the near future


You are 100% correct, the Plextor and Nec burn awesome at 16X, but I have this 811S in my 3rd computer, I just try to use it somewhere for some fooling around. I just scanned the same disc in my 811 with kprobe, funny thing is, the disc is readable in my dvdplayer.

For comparison I also post a Yuden T02 burned at 16X in my nec3500 or Plex, don’t remember which one burned this one… 2nd PIC :wink:


Well its your TY’s your throwing away! :slight_smile: it very well may be readable by your DVD player as the PIF’s are ok after about the 2% mark, however in less than 12 months it will more likely than not be a different story, even if you did somehow get better burns they still wouldnt get anywhere near up to the standard of your main drives. I’d leave the 811S for reading only and also the x11S series isnt much of a kprober aswell so those readings may also be questionable.

EDIT - your second scan you just added is perfectly acceptable but i’d still leave burning for the 3500 and 716 :wink:


the 811s cant scan T02s, my self and dj_phatic had the same issues with fuji T02`s. then he brought a benq and the same discs scanned perfect.

see my thread here