KProbe2 - New version: 2.2.2

Any new features or bugfixes ?

-You can choose a sound to have it play when done scanning.
-PO is changed to PIF(Parity In Failure).
-Option to combine split charts.
-Under Bit Set there is an option to change immediatly. (Is this for DVD+RW? I have no rewriteables to test this with.)
-Remove the singular point has been renamed “remove the spike”.

Instant bitsetting is not supported in any of the currently known firmwares. Maybe it’s for a future firmware.

Anyway, I probably should’ve mentioned in my original post that any discussion should be made in that huge KP2 thread. Oops. :o I intended this thread only to serve as an announcement, since not many people in the LiteOn forum visit the media forum. Thread locked.