Kprobe2/media question



Hi, I picked up a spindle of Pine DVD-R 4x media… the media code is “DVSN”. They have given me great burns, so much so that I went out and bought another spindle, only this time landed “longten 009” media… again they work well too. My DVD wriiter is nec2500a (firmware 1.7 - official release), but I have a lite-on combo drive which lets me use kprobe2. It seems that with either the DVSN media or the Longten 009 there’s a massive jump in PI errors right near the end of a scan (the DVSN’s go up to about 500 and the Longten’s about 900). I haven’t noticed any playback issues, but is this normal? The original dvd’s that I was backing up don’t have this problem when I scan them. Should I be concerned? DVDinfopro doesn’t detect errors when it scans them…

Here’s a Longten 009 scan…


and a DVSN scan… DVSN is obviously a higher quality burn, but same thing is happening towards the end of the disc…


We have a NEC forum on this board. I´m sure the guys there will be able help you out.

To me, this sound more like a firmware “issue”. :wink:

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Both of those media types are very low quality. Your NEC can burn most cheap media all right, at least better then that. I would consider those two brands well below average. I hate to say it but even Princo’s would be better.
I wouldn’t trust my data on them anyway. Playback is a tricky issue with many different issues so it’s not the only indicator of bad media.