KProbe2 - cosmetic question

Have downloaded and use the new version 2.0.1 - On the right hand side of the screen in the settings area it used to be a nice off white background color with black text. Version 2 seems to use a purple or plum background color which makes it hard to read the text. Not all of the settings box is like this. Parts of are still black on white. Have I missed a setting somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This seems to be a compatibility problem with winxp… I am running 16bit color and it used to be like yours until I reinstalled a fresh copy of winxp… IE on a blank HD and reinstalled KP and it shows up fine… You can use 32bit color mode and it shows up just fine… Think KP do not refresh its icon cache or something like that…

He is referencing a 6 month old version of Kprobe. Are you using 2.2.5?

My problems started when I updated to 2.2.3 a couple of weeks ago from v2.2. Cant be older than a month since I have only had a DVD writer for a month.