Kprobe2 and IHAS124-19 C

I’ve just bought a new DVD burner IHAS124-19 revision C and have trouble checking my burns in KProbe2. I set the speed at 4x but for some reason it stays at 1.7x and also the result comes out as garbage. I installed the latest firmware, but the problem persists. If I set in KProbe2 the speed to MAX, it goes from 5x up.

There is no problem scanning the same burned DVD with my IHAS 624. Speed starts and remains at 4x and also result comes out very good.

What could be the problem?

(I didn’t know where else to post this question :slight_smile: )

I would really appreciate if anyone having the same drive could try to scan at 4x speed.

Did you wait until the end of the scan? It may have started at 1.7x, but it ended at 4.1x, thus, using CAV scanning speed, same as CDSpeed.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I did wait until the end of the scan. It started at 1.7x and ended at 1.7x. I noticed the max was around 70%, 3.2x.

When I scanned the same disc on IHAS624B, it started at 4x right away and also ended with 4x. Also the result came out much better and the duration of the whole scan was much shorter.

Any chance there is something wrong with my drive? I burned a disc and tested it with IHAS624 and the quality was very good.

This is what kprobe showed after the end with my IHAS124-19C.

Here’s a scan of MKM001 media and you’ll notice it got up to 4x around the midway point and finishes about 3.2x. Again, it’s using CAV speed: ascending to 4x around the midway and descending on the 2nd layer. It seems like your drive is doing fine. If you really want to see the scanning speed, use CDSpeed2 or Opti Drive Control.

Do you have any idea why there is such a difference when I perform a scan with IHAS624b? It starts with 4x right away and stays at 4x till the end. Scanning takes less time and also the result comes out much better.

I’ve noticed the same problem when performing disc verification in ImgBurn although I set min and max speed at 4x.

The B and C chipsets are different, so the tools will react differently. On well-known, good-quality discs that I’ve burned, the B drive always had better results than C drive. Don’t get too caught up about scans, if the disc can be read back fine, then the burn was successful.

Thanks a lot for the explanation.