After I burn a disk I try scanning it with Kpobe before I remove it from the drive. 8/10 times I get a moderate scan, if I eject the disk then rescan I get a huge difference in quality, as in MUCH better. Same disk 5 minutes apart and no similarity in the scans, whats the deal?

its best to scan after the drive has cooled down a bit. It will give you more acurate results.

Where did this info come from… :smiley:

This is like the 3rd separate thread in the past 24 hrs asking the same basic questions.

Look HERE and HERE and search the media forum. The problem is the disc, not KProbe.

I wasn’t looking for the real answer, I was basically commenting on what was clearly a ridiculous comment. Quote: (its best to scan after the drive has cooled down a bit. It will give you more acurate results.)

How 'bout shut down the box and let the CPU and Ram “Cool Off!” Better yet, for best results, only scan your disk weekly… Hmmmmm.


There’s nothing rediculous about that. It’s been well documented for a long time that a hot drive will burn worse and also show higher read errors. It usually takes a run of several discs to create that kind of heat in the drive, but in a hot system, it can be a problem even right from the start. It’s not a question of “more accurate”, both scans are “accurate”. But hotter = higher.


It would seem to me and im an electrical engineer, that the media dye would heat up on burn then cool off over period of time, with random fact depending on air temperature in dvd drive and so on. I could see how after the media cools i could change the error level reported as the dye would change its shape i would think after cooling to its final form.