I want to ensure that my burned DVD media have a good quality as they contain sensible data. Of course I do a comparison after writing the DVD. But as my writer was getting worse day by day (and has now returned to the dealer ;)) I’m not sure if there are any media which will soon not be readable anymore (due to scratches or just some degeneration).

Thus I’m looking for a way to measure the burn quality. I’ve heard that LiteOn Drives can read out some information about that with KProbe. I have a LiteOn CD Writer, so I tried KProbe with CDs. Did not look too bad :wink: But of course it cannot mount DVDs.

Now my questions: Does it make sense to measure the quality with KProbe? Does it make sense to but a LiteOn DVD-ROM to measure the quality? Or would I have to buy a LiteOn DVD Writer in order to do that accurately? Do you have any recommendations for a good drive?


Kprobe is a great way to measure the quality of written discs. Although liteon dvd-rom drives will work with kprobe, they’re are known not to be as accurate as a dvd-writer. Check out this thread for usage instructions and an explanation of features and how to interpret the results.

You can now also us cd/dvd speed with a number of other dvd writers, not just liteons, to do the same thing. Check here

Hmm… as my money is somewhat limited I’d like to know how much ROM and Writer accuracy differ :wink: My BenQ DW800A unfortunately does not support reading out that information… is this just a firmware thing? Could BenQ implement this into a future firmware for the DW800A?

Btw… why aren’t ROMs not as accurate as Writers? Must have some reason!? hehe…

Consider CDSpeed 3 (check out sticky thread in the Media forum)

Ok, I will give it a try, thx :slight_smile: