Kprobe works on a DVD-ROM from Lite-On?

Can I measure PI/PO errors on a DVD-ROM from Lite-On using
K-probe. :confused:

Please read the Kprobe thread and the PI/PO thread.

i read those threads for 10 minutes, but didnt find an answer. sorry my english isnt good to read english fastly.
just one short answer please… yes or no? liteon dvdrom giving pipo to kprobe?

Quote from the bottom of the PI/PO thread linked above.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
[B]PI/PO scaning with DVD-ROM drives
This topic must get raised at least once a week. So here’s our best answer:

Kprobe is designed to work with burners only. A number of it’s features will ONLY work on burners. It is possible to scan discs with LiteOn DVD-ROM drives, but not advisable.

DVD-ROM drives do not respond to the read-speed commands from Kprobe, so they will always scan at full speed. This is especially bad for DVDR scanning.

DVD-ROM drives do not appear to report the same types of errors as C1-C2 and PI-PO as the burners do. We do not know what they are reporting, but there does not appear to be any predictable relashionship between what gets reported on a ROM drive and what gets reported on a burner.

Many people do use ROM drives for scanning errors, and this is certainly better than not scanning at all. But you have to be aware that your scans cannot be compared to scans done in burners. So your only use for the scans is to compare one disc to another as you are searching for the right combination of media and burn speed in your own burner. [/B]

thank you very much!
all i wanted to know :wink:

my main problem is that i want to be sure that my dvds do run annd have no individual defects. and my 811s burns quickly (although i always use 4x, never 8x; did some 8x ricoh discs, that ran well, though, but i’m in quality… annd 8x always had much higher err rates…).
but to just make a file read test it takes as long as burning (my 811s reads a full dvd at 4.2x average) and a file test doesnt necessarily show a bad quality disc with spikes oder other anormalies in error rate spectrum. i will now get a liteon dvdrom, which is cheap and faster (i suppose it will be faster; at least an old 1502 toshiba reads my dvd+r’s at 16max and that really blows so i suppost liteon dvdrom will do it quick, too)

and thank you for this nice forum here!
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I’m missing something here. If you have an 811S, why get a ROM drive for scanning? A ROM drive will read recordable discs at 8x, same as the 811.

because when the 811 scans it cant burn. and eg the old 1502 toshiba in my fathers computer read a dvd+r at 16max when i tested it some time ago.
i have the 811 for about 4 months now; got it when it became available here. made about 80 dvds and 20 or 30 cds. i dont burn consistently. for weeks the burner only consumes electricity and then i do a dozen or twenty or so dvds in a row. and burning at 4x then readverify at 4.2x then scan at again 4.2x with kprobe takes much much time. but using an extra drive only makes sense when i can do some sort of error checking, to see whether the individual disc has sone individual faults, like spikes in error rates or something like that. for example i have a cd-r that had dirt on it and in the area of the dirt the writing is much more faint. i only found out with error rate with my previous liteon 52x cdr. the disc runs quite well with exception of the faint area, in which it slows down for a moment. so i simply want something that can monitor inconsistencies during the run of a disc. and a liteon dvdrom seems to be a good choice for that. when the 811 was new i had it together with the older 52x liteon cdr in my computer. both worked together flawlessly. i could have nero run twice doing different jobs on the two writers, so i assume that it will work burning dvd while kprobescanning another one.

thanks for your help guys! cu!


Readers are no good for Kprobe scans.

Speed setting doesn’t work for anything other than a burner.
This means that you can’t reliably compare results, because one DVDR might be scanned at 16x and get terrible results, whereas a very bad quality DVDR might cause the reader to slow down and the disc be read at 2x resulting in excellent quality.

Only post Kprobe scans from your burner please, set at 4x, 8ECC, max ticked off.

sure. i certaily wont discuss in-depth disc quality issues based in dvdrom scans. dont worry. and thanks for your replies!