Kprobe won't scan properly


This is my first time using Kprobe, so it might just be me doing something wrong, but I just can’t get it to work properly. On all three tests Kprobe starts up the disc, but then stops again after just a few seconds and I get no real results. Any suggestions?


Hi and Welcome!

what drive and what disc were you useing?
Forget testing CD media along with DVD writers, as this doesn’t work properly. You might also set Kprobe options to “use SPTI” instead of using Aspi.


I’m using a NEC 3550A drive and genuine Taiyo Yuden (TYG02) 8x DVD media. I’m also using the SPTI since ASPI won’t recognize any drives at all.


Kprobe supports only drives with Mediatek chipset - basically Liteon drives (as it is designed to work with these), but some Samsung drives work, too (by accident).
Your NEC drive is not supported at all, so you have to use Nero CD/DVD speed.


Ah, I see… I tried Nero before, but couldn’t get it to find any drives on my computer. Will look into it!