Kprobe - Which is better 812 V 1633?

I need to puchase a LieoN 812 or 1633 (OmniPatch them up to the latest F/W), but I could not find any info on how good the 1633 is.

Anyone got any ideas which one is better when checking DVD’s with KProbe.

In Sydney the Sony U018 is $AUD 95 (from a cheap computer store) and the 1633 is $AUD150 (from an average computer store).

Looking forward to any links or info on what people think is the best DVD checker.


ive been searching around for abit now with this same question in mind :slight_smile:
anyone out there got any opions on this 812 or 832 or 1633 / which one is best for +r and Kprobe or are they all about the same ?

Both my 812 and 1633 are fine for KProbe scans, 'bout the same results… I have a 832 that really sux but could just be a bad drive!

I seem to get more consistent results with kprobe with my 832 than my 1633. But they both are good drives to burn with (using memorex fw with the 1633).