KProbe VS DVDinfoPro

I think DVDinfoPro is more useful that KProbe. I own an 832S, I find that KProbe scan is very unrelible, because the result is very different when I use UY04 and 812S US0N (I downgrade it to get better media support.). But DVDinfoPro can exactly let you know if the disc have any errors.
So actually will DVDinfoPro be more useful that KProbe. :confused:

Is Kprobe reliable

KProbe is nothing more than the messenger, relaying to you what the drive says. It’s as reliable as the drive is. The same holds true for another other piece of scanning software.

apples and oranges, a very silly comparison.

kprobe does BLER scans where dvdinfopro (not3) only does transfer rate scans and surface scans (as does cdspeed) they are not the same thing.

i can show you why you need both but thats already been discussed i suggest you use the search function and read about them.

but just doing a surface scan on a burn can be very misleading as to the burn quality…ie you could get no read errors but actually have high pos that you never scaned for and the drive your surface scanning from compensates well for…then when you put the burned disk in your mom and pop home dvd player and start getting skips and pauses (or stoping play altogether), or using the disk in a not as good reader dvdrom drive you suddenly get errors youll understand hey maybe doing a BLER scan is useful. :wink:

as far as firmware goes you will see scanning differences due to fixes in better reading techniques or worse thats dependant on the drive and firmware but this could also affect transfer rate scans and surface scans too personally i get very accurate results with my 812 and USON (no downgrade for me burning or reading).

another factor that has been discussed is liteon drives sometimes have issues with getting consistent scans…i went through 4 812 drives before i got a good one thats consistent. :wink:

Thanks Jamos, I get your point.
Actually after I buy my 832S, I return within two days due to the reading problem… :frowning:

keep returning them till you get a good one. I got my 812 from and they were very nice in letting me get replacements till i found a good reader.